Whether you decide to use contacts or wear glasses for vision correction is a personal choice. But often, when you realize you need vision correction, the first question to ask is “glasses or contacts? “

This choice depends on personal preferences such as lifestyle, budget, activity, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Before making a choice, remember that one option is not necessarily better than the other. Glasses and contacts have their advantages and disadvantages.

Glasses: a fashion accessory

Many people think that glasses are simply a necessary item to correct a visual disability, or even a burden! But today, with so many models and brands available on the market, glasses are becoming a fashion accessory that dresses the eyes and reveals the personality. Depending on your appearance, preference and style, as well as your visual needs, you can choose the model that suits you.

Lenses: for a natural look

Glasses are undeniably a fashion accessory. We also know that wearing glasses on a daily basis becomes boring and can feel like a burden. The main reason why people prefer contact lenses is the more natural and aesthetic look of them. And when your glasses don’t suit your fancy, a pair of contact lenses is a good alternative.


Optical lenses for sports activities are often not a good choice. In addition, seeing well during sport can have a huge impact on performance. This makes contact lenses the most practical and effective solution.

Sports enthusiasts can opt for contact lenses that are custom-fit for running, soccer, basketball or any other indoor or outdoor sports activity.

Freedom of choice

As master opticians, we know that both of these options are designed to give you ease and flexibility. And the conclusion of this article is that you don’t need to make a choice. You can use both options, prescription glasses and contact lenses. You will wear them according to your needs and convenience.



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