Although the mask is one of the effective solutions to fight against the propagation of Covid, it can sometimes significantly annoy the wearers of glasses!

If you are wear
with a mask, you have probably noticed that it is difficult to prevent fogging on your optical lenses.

Although this is not a major problem, the visual comfort is nevertheless strongly hindered by it.

Our optician experts at Lindegger Optique
have some tips on how to prevent your glasses from fogging up your glasses from fogging up when you are wearing a face mask mask.

Why do glasses fog up when you wear a face mask?

When you wear a mask, you exhale hot air that tends to escape through the top of the mask. This hot air fogs the lenses for your glasses. Simply put.

You have probably already noticed a similar effect when you wear a pair of sunglasses or when you enter a warm room after being in the cold.

Here’s how to prevent your glasses from fogging up

Wash your glasses with soap and water

The basic tip is to wash your glasses with soap and water. Then to well air dry before wearing a mask.

Soapy water creates a “thinthin film surfactant” which temporarily changes the surface tension of your lenses and prevents fogging. However, this is not a permanent solution. It must be repeated several times a day.

Use tape or fabric

A creative solution is to apply tape to your mask. Just at the bridge of the nose and cheeks. This should allow air to escape from the bottom (not the top). You can also encourage the direction of the air with your mouth.

You can also use a paper handkerchief ! Fold a tissue into a rectangle and place it between the top of your mask and your face. The handkerchief absorbs moisture to keep your corrective lenses lenses clear.

Use an anti-fogging spray

The anti-fogging spray is a convenient way to prevent moisture from building up on your glasses and enjoy clear vision.

It works in much the same way as the soap and water method mentioned above. The spray also minimizes lens tension.

However, be careful when applying chemicals near your eyes.

Make sure your mask fits properly

With a properly fitted mask, air escapes through the bottom or sides of the mask. While a soft mask allows air to exit through the top.

So, make sure the face mask fits snugly around the bridge of the nose. The tighter the mask is around the nose bridge, the less warm air will reach your lenses.

You can also buy masks with a nose bridge, or masks that fit the shape of the face.

Wear your mask high

A simple way toto avoid fogging on the glasses is to pull your mask tightly over your face, just below your eyes. Then place your glasses on the mask.

By following these simple and effective tips you can avoid fogging up your glasses. This is independent of the manufacture of glasses and the type of lenseswhether it is, for example, a single vision lenses or progressive progressive lenses.

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